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A Kind of Flying–The Invisible Hand

by David Avery
Hard ground etching
4.5 x 9.75 x 0 in

Artist Statement

When I was working on a series of etchings based on The Four Disgracers by Hendrick Goltzius, I kept returning to the hand in his depiction of the fall of Icarus. This obsession ultimately became the basis for A Way of Flying—The Invisible Hand, combined with a take on Goya’s mysterious etching from The Proverbs. Goya’s A Way of Flying provides no clue to interpretation, and efforts to connect it with political events for social commentary seem to fall short. I became interested in subverting these images to depict the consequences of Adam Smith’s invisible hand of the marketplace (so popular right now!), replete with riffs on the grotesqueries used so effectively by Hieronymus Bosch, to enhance the effect.

FOR PURCHASE INFORMATION, contact the Decatur Arts Alliance at 404-371-9583 or [email protected]. Download the price list here.

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