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Public art may seem to appear by magic . . . but it doesn’t.

We’re always brainstorming innovative ways to expand the arts in our community. But it takes a healthy budget to make impactful art programs possible, so we rely on the generous support of individuals and organizations who believe the arts are imperative to a thriving community.



In 2023, 13 new doors were installed around the city, totaling 30 miniature "Secret Doors" hidden in the nooks and crannies of Decatur.


12-foot-tall Syrian refugee puppet, Little Amal, visited Decatur on her journey across 40 U.S. cities in this once-in-a-lifetime community engagement opportunity.


The Decatur Arts Festival showcases around 300 artists annually - from painters to poets, dancers to comedians, and many art forms in between.


In 2024, the Creative Village will welcome the first group of artists to its affordable in-town work studios at 500 S. Columbia Drive, ready to collaborate and create.


Buskers performed an estimated 800 minutes each week, with 70 new applications to the free program in 2023 alone.


Your support will ensure 2024 is the most impactful year to date, increasing arts accessibility and engagement in Decatur!

DAA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit,
so your gift is tax-deductible.


  • Murals, sculptures, outdoor installations
  • Festivals and community events – including the annual Decatur Arts Festival 
  • Gallery shows and larger exhibitions
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • ARTISTS – emerging, established, and local – who receive commissions and grants to complete public art projects.
More Art? Yes, Please!


activates public spacescontributes to public safetyfosters community connectionstimulates local economysparks possibilityignites change

2023 Highlights

Decatur Artway Phase 7

Seven captivating sculptures were installed throughout Decatur as part of the Decatur Arts Alliance’s rotating outdoor sculpture exhibition. Find the full list of works on view and their locations.  Be sure to share your photos online using #DecaturArtway!

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Secret Doors Decatur

Twelve miniature art installations were hidden throughout Decatur in 2023.  Each delightful door was handcrafted by a local artist, and fun riddles lead the way to each location. Check out the interactive map for additional help in tracking down Decatur’s best kept secrets.  Happy hunting!

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Walk with Little Amal

The 12-foot tall, 10-year-old Syrian refugee puppet passed through Decatur during her journey across 16 countries since 2021.  She travels as a symbol of hope and a reminder of the ongoing tragedy ravaging her homeland. Decatur Arts Alliance worked with Flux Projects, Center for Puppetry Arts, and MARTA Artbound to coordinate Little Amal’s visit to Decatur.

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Artist Studios & Community Classes at Legacy Park

Applications for a 1-year lease of a private artist studio at the Creative Village at Legacy Park will become available in early 2024.  Artists will be selected based on their medium, experience, and vision for community collaboration.  Two annual open studio nights will allow the public to engage with the participating artists, and community classes will be offered throughout the year!  Each studio has been updated with adjustable track lighting thanks to the generous support of the Atlanta Foundation.

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NEW 24-Hour Play Festival

Decatur Arts Alliance is thrilled to partner with Essential Theatre to establish a new 24-Hour Play Festival in the city of Decatur. The first annual Southern Fried Bake-Off will be a fast-paced collaboration between playwrights, directors, and actors over an exhilarating 24-hour period.  Beginning at 7pm on January 5th, participating groups will write and rehearse brand new plays based on a Bake-Off theme and a list of “ingredients” – to be performed live at 7pm on January 6th at CORE Dance in downtown Decatur!

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Retail District Permanent Sculptures

The retail district at Sam’s Crossing will see the installation of 3 permanently acquired, large-scale sculptures in 2024. From 200 submitted works, the Decatur Arts Alliance selected unique and engaging pieces to activate and energize this new development area. “Beat Hive” by Harry McDaniel, “Dancing Figures” by Doug Kornfeld, and “Silver Lining” by Sujin Lim will join the Decatur community in the upcoming year.

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Decatur Children’s Book Festival

The 2024 Decatur Arts Festival will include a new component – the inaugural Decatur Children’s Book Festival. The inclusion of this program over the Decatur Arts Festival weekend will increase public engagement, serving as an opportunity for connection between organizations while also strategically combining costly infrastructure.

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