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Maybe it was the new Artway sculptures . . .the murals . . . the Secret Doors or the #lookupdecatur signs. Laughing it up at the April Fools Comedy Night. The wonder and joy of the Community Lantern Parade. Streets full of music, performance and visual arts during the Decatur Arts Festival. The first-ever Buildings, Art + Brew architectural tour of Decatur. The talent of our young artists on display at the YEA! event. The spontaneous fun of the meticulously planned Oakhurst Porch Fest. The gallery shows at the Visitors Center. Buskers on street corners playing their hearts out.

We invite you to remember those non-streaming, screen-free moments that brought you joy in Decatur, and give a little tax-deductible gift to help make your 2020 even more art-full.


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