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The Secret’s Out!

Decatur has 10 new miniature doors hidden throughout the city, each carefully hand-crafted by a local artist. Explore this page to find riddles leading to the new doors’ locations, a map to search for all 28 current installations, and a gallery of decommissioned doors.

About Secret Doors Decatur

Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of Decatur are miniature secret doors created by local artists. Inspired by “fairy doors” that first appeared around the world more than 100 years ago, the artists set out to create bits of whimsy for discovery in unexpected places all around Decatur. Organized by Decatur artist, Larry Holland of FishBone Art, the project is funded with a seed grant from the Decatur Arts Alliance and supported by the Decatur Tourism Bureau.

Current Riddles

Can you find the newest doors?

Put your knowledge of Decatur shops, restaurants, and pathways to the test!  Flip the cards to see the riddles leading to the latest installations of Secret Doors.
You can also download the printable list here.

With the luck of a clover, you’ll find this wee door,
tucked where there’s burgers and music galore.
From the top o’ the mornin’ to late at night,
look for a spot with flags in sight!

Artist: Zach Consorti
Title: The Doors of Stone Henge

Search for the path with a bull made of brick;
looking for flowers won’t do the trick.
This garden smells of french fries – not honey!
Peek around edges; you’ll be right on the money.

Artist: Carol Harvey
Title: The Faeries’ Pub

Just steps away from the passing trains’ rumble,
you’ll find this door – but be careful; don’t stumble!
Tucked where there’s often city events,
A stellar mural will give you a hint.

Artist: Julie Koon
Title: Sunshine Days Ahead

You don’t need a ruler to find this location.
Find unique, funny gifts for each celebration.
Look around the shop and pick out your faves.
Then search for the door where everyone pays.

Artist: Nate Nardi

Find this door where city decisions are made.
Four very tall columns cast plenty of shade.
Not hidden from view, but you’ll need to explore,
check all ways to enter to find this door.

Artist: Carol Harvey
Title: Poncey & Leon on Patrol

There are so many classes and activities here!
This door’s not at the entrance, but it is very near.
With lots of bushes and places to look,
You’ve gone too far if you can check out a book.

Artist: Fishbone Art

A big purple dancer will show the way
to this store where imagination is always at play.
Tales of compassion and bravery, too,
remind young heroes of the good they can do.

Artist: Muse Sawyer
Title: Welcome

Do you hear splashing and dogs barking loudly?
The city just welcomed this new center proudly!
This door’s tucked away when there’s thunder and lightning,
but even in darkness, it still shines brightly!

Artist: Brea Te’Ann
Title: Luna’s Rays

Mmm… it smells great! Like when you wake up.
You can’t buy a car here, but you could borrow a cup.
Keep searching along until the bricks turn to gray.
You’ll have to look carefully; this door’s tucked away.

Artist: Rose Zeimer
Title: New Day

In every season, there’s so much to see!
An Ox house, vegetables, chickens, and bees.
The woods may be wild, but there’s nothing to fear.
This door’s got flowers and butterflies near.

Artist: Carol Harvey
Title: Galadriel’s Hide-Away

Interactive map

Happy Searching!

Use the interactive map below to navigate around the city. Access the map from a smartphone for on the go directions or expand the map to zoom and print a specific section.

Gallery of doors

View Past Installations

Take a peek at some of the previously included Secret Doors in the gallery below.

Past Doors

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