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The purpose of portraits is to remember someone, to acknowledge their existence and identity. Seeing families in portraits, seeing how they fight for their rights is not only to see them as real, but as relatives, friends, and neighbors, many of whom had to leave their identity to come to the United States to seek a better life. People from all places, of all backgrounds, risk everything and are often forgotten; Using portraits is a way to commemorate them, and acknowledge their existence.

Due to the lack of connection between undocumented individuals and citizens, it is hard to see them as people with names, lives, and stories of their own. The power of video is that its audio and frames provide a bridge of connection between people who have never met, a method of storytelling that creates a personal connection. The video installations focus on the idea of identity, home, and exploration of belonging, along with personal stories that depict the journey many face as they leave all they’ve known behind.
Maria Villarreal, Home (Reyna), 2020, Video,

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