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Letterpress, epoxy resin
10.5” x 27.5” x 3”

Stefanie Papaiacovou is a multimedia artist who explores the power of materials, space, time, and interaction to tell personal narratives. Stefanie uses her own stories, as well as the experiences of others, to navigate concepts of identity and the self, questioning the ways we define ourselves, and how those very definitions are shaped and changed by experience, relationships, trauma, and the world we live in. Stefanie draws inspiration from the natural world and uses the imagery and colors of the landscapes we inhabit to create works that are grounded and somber. Drawing from her background in printmaking, sculpture, and book art, she creates a wide range of work that incorporates haptic sensations and considers the emotional connotations, cultural histories, and physicality of her materials. Her work speaks to viewers on an individual basis, allowing them to have conversations that lead them to explore their own personal experiences and connections.

Stefanie Papaiacovou, Oakland, California

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