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Linocut in accordion book
4.75″ x 6.5″ x 2″

2 year diary is a compilation of linocuts made from 2020-2022 created to express and explore my daily life. The images range from objects I interacted with daily, such as my keys and carving tools, to memes made to express the situations I am currently in, or depictions of significant events. Originally the images and text were paired onto individual postcards and mailed to friends so that I could meaningfully keep up with them after we split our separate ways due to school. I began to find an appreciation for the mundane and the objects I saw every day. I began to see the postcards tracking the passage of time during my graduate school career and decided to bind them together into a diary. There are several trends you can explore while reading the diary from adjusting to the Covid-19 pandemic to learning to cook.

– Nick Phan, Kansas City, MO

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