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Latinx Artist Exhibition 2022

Celebrating Our Collective Culture

September 19 through October 14

Decatur Arts Alliance Gallery
Inside the Decatur Visitors Center,
113 Clairemont Ave.

On view daily
from 10 am to 4 pm

The Decatur Arts Alliance is partnering with Placita Latina to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! Come and view “What Makes Us Who We Are: A Celebration of Latinx Artists” at the gallery.

The exhibition highlights the work of six Latinx artists, from different backgrounds and experiences, each exploring the question; “What makes us who we are?” Through their diverse works – photography, painting and sculpture – these artists present a wide variety of styles, but each has brought their understanding of being Latinx into their work, and each plays an important role in our American story.

The Artists

Alvaro Alvillar

Born in Deming, New Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, California, Alvaro Alvillar is a self taught artist based in Atlanta. He has been exhibiting his work in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Atlanta since 1993.

Alvillars parents and eldest sister emigrated from Chihuahua, Mexico in the early 1950s, and his Latin American roots are evident in his colorful palette and cultural iconography.

“Grey Smiley” by Alvaro Alvillar

Karen Cox

Karen Cox is from Caracas Venezuela. Childhood, she’s taken photographs of everyday moments and small happenings in her life.

Her primary focus is the beauty and raw emotion found in each moment; She loves the romance of couples, the happiness in people, and the delight and innocence of children, and she approaches each project with attention, honesty, and love. Karen puts her heart and soul into her work, and it shows in her photographs.

Karen lives in Georgia with her husband and 4 year old rescued dog.

“Behold the Fire & the Wood” by Karen Cox

Hedith Perdomo

Hedith Perdomo was born in Colombia and raised in the plains of Venezuela. Her inspiration comes from growing up, surrounded by nature and wildlife. As a child she loved art and displayed a talent for painting, but at a young age, became a mother and focused on raising her children. However, she never lost her passion for art.

After the birth of her her last child, she began experiencing severe joint pain and swelling, which became progressively worse. In 2003, as a form of art therapy, she began private painting lessons, which continued for 11 years. The lessons benefited her mind, body and soul and helped Perdomo develop her unique style.

After fleeing political unrest in Venezuela, Perdomo has been living in the United States for many years – and now, may bringing her peace and purpose, even with her physical restrictions. Her beautiful work depicts vibrant landscapes, floral, wildlife and still life displays, regularly shown in art venues across the United States.

“Winter Rebirth” by Hedith Perdomo

Cristina Montesinos

Cristina Montesinos is an abstract painter who seeks to capture the mystery and healing power of the natural world. She paints mindfully, following the marks and colors where they lead her. Her paintings unfold on their own as she explores the hidden, abstract features of nature.

“My power. My choice. #1” by Cristina Montesinos

Emmanuel Rivas

Emmanuel Rivas is a self-taught acrylic painter currently living and working out of Atlanta, GA.

Inspired by surrealist and imaginative thinkers such as Salvador Dali and Tim Burton, he uses vivid colors and fantastical scenes to self-reflect on truths that transcend space, time and the individual reality.

Emmanuel hopes to guide viewers on an introspective journey that uncovers their own personal truths, and how truths connect us universally.

“Divine Destiny” by Emmanuel Rivas

Jon Sanchiz

Jon Sanchiz is a Mexican-American analog photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Among others, his work has been featured both nationally and internationally by organizations such as Polaroid, Experimental Photo Festival, The Art Institute in Atlanta, and Voyage ATL.

Jon’s work primarily focused on street photography, experimental methods, Chicano lifestyle, and fashion. Although, on occasion, his work blurs the line between all of these.

“Heroes” by Jon Sanchiz

Artists Reception

Oct. 14 • 6:30-9:30 pm

Placita Latina will close its month-long gallery showing with the artists reception of the emerging Latinx artists exhibition on October 14. Hear artists share their inspirational stories. The reception will be held mostly outside with opportunities to go inside the gallery to view the artwork. Hear artists share inspirational stories. Join us for art, Latinx refreshments and entertainment!

The Gallery

The Decatur Arts Alliance Gallery is located inside the Decatur Visitors Center at 113 Clairemont Ave., Decatur, Georgia, 30030. The exhibition is open to the public for viewing daily during Decatur Visitor Center hours, 10 am-4 pm.

More About Placita Latina

Celebrate Latinx culture in Decatur during and beyond Hispanic Heritage Month with a colorful and historical series of events from Sept. 15-Oct. 30. Placita Latina (“small latina plaza”) is a series of weekly mini-events highlighting Hispanic/Latinx narratives, performance, food, culture and contributions to our local community — and greater society. These events will include a mix of Latinx-inspired music, dance, art, education, and flavors. For more events go to

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