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Be sure to stop by the Decatur Visitors Center at 113 Clairemont Ave. to see the Lexicon of Human Dignity art exhibit. The Visitors Center is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10-4 pm.

What is the Lexicon of Human Dignity?

The Lexicon of Human Dignity tells the stories of thought leaders around Atlanta working to educate, engage and activate us to the challenges of our neighbors and teaching us how we might support them. Eleven thought leaders across many topics and disciplines contributed their valued experience to the Lexicon of Human Dignity information artworks. By illuminating the vocabulary of human dignity, we explore the topics of “Seniors Helping Seniors,” “Food Justice,” “Homelessness,” “Mental Health Matters,” “Bridging LBGTQ and Mainstream Communities,” “Welcome Refugees,” “Access to Justice,” “Respect and Safety For All Faiths,” “Empowering the Most Vulnerable,” “The Four Quarters of Life” and “Food Literacy.”

Information artworks are the cornerstone of this project. They provide easy to understand, picture-based stories of how our thought leaders are working in their respective fields to support human dignity for our neighbors. The Lexicon of Human Dignity displays these works at community-driven pop-up art shows hosted by a wide array of organizations across the Atlanta region.

Get an advance view of the art works here:

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