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The Book As Art v.12: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sep. 5 - Oct. 28, 2024

Exhibition Run

Sep. 5 - Oct. 28, 2024

Gallery Hours

Thursday-Sunday from 1-5pm

Closing Reception


Fourth Floor Gallery of the Decatur Library

215 Sycamore Street
Decatur, 30030 United States

(404) 370-3070



The Book As Art series seeks to showcase beautifully made volumes, sculptural and conceptual interpretations, and one-of-a-kind approaches to the book format.

The Book As Art v.12: Rock, Paper, Scissors is the twelfth edition of an art show celebrating books: objects that, in an increasingly digital world, stubbornly survive.


Rock, Paper, Scissors draws its inspiration from the childhood game of chance. This zero-sum game, played with symbols made with the players’ hands, has origins dating back to Han Dynasty China, and later, Japan.  The game can have many variations: number of players, different names, or a reordering of the words: “rock,” “paper,” and “scissors.”  Whether these objects are animals or elements, the concept remains the same. By using a simple mathematical formula, hand symbols, and a bit of luck, a decision is produced for the combatants.


The objects in this exhibition should interpret the concept of the book and invite the viewer to look beyond the printed page to where ideas, words, and symbols are transformed and are transfigured. Artists are challenged to look inward and outward, to interpret and embrace the childlike fun of this seemingly simple, classic game that blends history, nature, and mathematics with a bit of luck.


Or, simply give yourself over, and play a game of chance! 1, 2, 3…

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