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Bring music, magic, dancing, and fun to the streets of Decatur! Decatur’s busking program encourages street performers and emerging artists to showcase their talents and contribute to a lively street culture in our community.

What is busking?

Busking is the activity of publicly performing for voluntary donations. Busking is a performative act, distinct from the sale of goods or services. In the City of Decatur, acceptable entertainment includes, but is not limited to:

• Live singing or instrument playing
• Dance or movement
• Spoken word or comedy
• Street magic
• Portrait sketching

The Decatur Arts Alliance does not permit the following performance types:
• Fortune-telling, including tarot and palm reading
• DJ-ing or any non-live musical performance
• Tattooing or body-piercing services
• Acts that include weapons or fire
• Any material that is lewd or offensive in nature

Just a few requirements . . .

A permit is required to participate. Good news: it’s free! Fill out the online application below.  Or download the pdf application below and email it to [email protected] or deliver it in person to Decatur Arts Alliance headquarters at 113 Clairemont Ave. Decatur Georgia 30030. (The Arts Alliance shares space with the Decatur Visitors Center, and is closed on Sundays and Mondays.)

We will take your photo, so look sharp (unless that’s not your thing). We’ll take a new photo every year.
– Permits are valid for one month, renewable on the first of each month
– Permits issued after the first are valid for the remainder of that month
– Permits are not transferable

Busking is permitted 10 am-10 pm in the approved zones, specified on the provided map. The provided ID badge functions as a busking permit. Its public display is required during performances.

Performers can collect tips, but cannot directly solicit for tips. Put out a jar or open your case and add a small sign if you like, but don’t ask people for payment. Buskers may set up one sign, up to 10” x 14”, to identify themselves while performing.

If there’s another performer nearby, make your separation at least 20 feet.

And be a good neighbor! Performers must not obstruct pedestrian traffic and set up at least 10 feet away from building entrances/exits, crosswalks, trash receptacles, and bike racks.

Additionally, amplified sound is not encouraged but it’s recognized as necessary for some performers. It is the duty of the busker to maintain the minimum performance volume necessary, so as to not disturb local businesses, pedestrians, or residences.  Only small speakers with minimal output are appropriate for Decatur busking performances.

Important to Note

• Performers must comply with requests of any retail or restaurant owner/manager, police officer, City of Decatur personnel, or Decatur Arts Alliance representative regarding performance volume, location, or material.

• The Decatur Arts Alliance and the City of Decatur reserve the right to revoke a busking permit for any reason, including but not limited to instances of public disruption, noise violation, inappropriate material, or poor conduct.

• Busking is never permitted at private, ticketed, or fenced events (even if you’ve purchased a ticket).


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Option: Download and print your free application here, and bring it by in-person to 113 Clairemont Ave.

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