The Decatur Artway Sculpture Gallery

The Decatur Artway, an outdoor sculpture gallery, began in 2015 with five sculptures on display and a new phase is added each year. Each set of sculptures is on loan for two years, creating a dynamic rotating collection of public art. To get a personal tour of the pieces, with narration provided by the artists, download the free Otocast app from iTunes or Google Play.

Find locations of all current sculptures on the map below.


Artist’s statement: “In the game of chess, the king cannot move into a threatening position. If the situation arises that the king cannot move at all without being threatened, it creates a no-win/no-lose condition called a stalemate. This Stalemate is a sculptural work of three verticals. My concern in making it was the interaction of the curved areas with the straights. Playing them off each other by arranging the verticals at various angles created additional shapes in the negative space between these suggested chess pieces. You might say that there are five verticals, three positives and two negatives. The visual interplay of these abstract shapes is intended to suggest the game of chess.

My works are made from sheet aluminum. I cut, bend and weld pieces into a semi-preconceived form. I say “semi” because as the sculpture progresses, forms may be changed, ideas altered, pieces added or subtracted before the final object is achieved After grinding and finishing I apply primer and paint. The paint not only protects, but gives me the ability to add color. Some works are painted in one solid color, and others have several colors on various planes. Sometimes I use a base color, with a variety of additional colors and brushwork.”


Artist’s statement: “Tapping into unusual imagery with large, expressive botanical forms that incorporate a sense of organic architecture, this 17-foot sculpture is made of welded steel rods, like a spider web with cross braces that reinforce the material. The “skin” is covered with lace and adds a texture found in my outdoor works. This piece is an outrageous, colorful version of an infamous bloom of the nightshade family – brugmansia – with a mysterious spider inside. Like the spider, I lure the viewer in to contemplate the luscious colors and materials. My sculptures are hybrids, mythologies, and metaphors about flowers. My interest in botany and herbalism inform my inspiration in the studio. My goal is to represent the feminine mystique on a grand scale.”


Artist’s statement: “Perhaps it sounds saccharine or maudlin, but the sculpture I call Flying grew out of my happy marriage of 56 years. The man holds up the woman. The woman, held aloft, reaches out for birds and celestial things, symbols of what is important in life, savoring happy times.”


Artist’s statement: “Through the pain and suffering
That 400 years of American torture has brought
Although stereotyped, demonized, and ostracized
Black Women are HERE
They curve and contort their bodies and spirits
Through the anguish and shame that history has brought
They stand tall, monumental, and strong as steel
Unbreakable and unmovable
Beautiful, resilient, and dignified
Our mother, sister, humanly human
Black women are
and will always be
We are
Because she is
HERE – Human . Eternal . Relevant . Empowered”


Artist’s statement: “I create art to connect community, explore culture and construct guideposts for life. Weaving stories, warming the creative soul, and bringing happiness to the heart are just a few of the objectives of my work.

I use rugged materials and incorporate symbols that embrace aspects of a place to created bridges between generations of people from diverse backgrounds. Popsicles is a sculpture inspired by childhood vacations and the roadside Americana experienced along those journeys.”


Artist’s statement: My work is a sculptural exploration of abstract form with steel. Mainly composed of geometric and planer elements that revolve and intersect, my sculpture sometimes resembles architecture or figurative poses. I’m heavily influenced by naturally occurring geometry on both micro and macro scales. When exploring form, I like to apply laws that mimic those found in nature in order to provide a framework for interesting direction.

Undulation captures wave-like forms constricted to a thin cylindrical shape. The work is entirely made of seam-welded steel panels with a sea-greenish paint to contrast with the red oxidized edges. Undulation started as a combination of curved pieces of scrap metal from a previous project. With no original model dictating the fabrication of the piece, creating Undulation was an improvisation. It was built from the center outwards; each new component a reaction to balance the form and flow visually.

Current Artway Sculptures

Plenum Orb
Donald Gialanella

A Refusal to Stop and Ask for Directions
Harry McDaniel

Helping Hands
Derrick Spivey

Majestic Killer 
Beau Martin

Charlie Newton

Nathan Pierce

Shelter II (basics)
Matthias Neumann

This Is Something We Had to Go Through
James Davis

No Longer on View

Phil Proctor (artist)

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind
Hanna Jubran

Prairie Vane
Dan Perry

Ver Sacrum
Artist team: BFR lab (Daniel Baerlecken, Matthias Frei and Judith Reitz) and Sabri Gokmen; fabrication: Digital Fabrication Lab, Jacob Tompkins, and Georgia Institute of Technology

Ira Hill

Matthew Phillips

Teapot 50
Scott Garrard


Phase 4 – 2018

View sculptures.

Phase 3 – 2017

View sculptures.

Phase 2 – 2016

View sculptures.

Phase 1 – 2015

View sculptures.

The Decatur Artway is presented by the Decatur Arts Alliance in partnership with the Decatur Tourism Bureau and the Decatur Downtown Development Authority.