The Decatur Artway Sculpture Gallery

The-Decatur-ArtwayThe Decatur Artway, a rotating outdoor sculpture gallery, made its debut in 2015 with five sculptures on display, and five more were added in 2016. Each set of sculptures is on loan for two years, creating a dynamic rotating collection of public art. To get a personal tour of the pieces, with narration provided by the artists, download the free Otocast app from iTunes or Google Play.

The Decatur Artway begins its third phase in fall of 2018. Check this page for updates and application information.

Phase 3 -2017

Plenum Orb
Donald Gialanella| Stainless Steel

We all know that you’re supposed to reduce, reuse and recycle, but for me, reuse and recycle has a deeper meaning. I specialize in turning trash into assemblage art in order to focus attention on the need to use resources responsibly. The Plenum Orb sculpture is made up of pots, pans, pet bowls, hub caps, and vessels of every description, welded together into one contiguous form. It conjures up memories locked away in abandoned objects. Using a palette of familiar stainless steel items, this large stainless steel sphere contains a mix of surprise, irony and humor.


A Refusal to Stop and Ask for Directions
Harry McDaniel | Aluminum

My process in creating A Refusal to Stop and Ask for Directions was different from my usual process. I did not design the sculpture in advance. I simply made the first section, then added the next, and proceeded in that fashion, with a general notion of the scale of the final sculpture, but without trying to envision the completed form, beyond the next two or three sections. I knew that I wanted to leave a lot of open space and create a strong, three-dimensional, slightly chaotic sense of motion. The title is a reference to the approach some people use in driving, but also a fair description of my approach to creating this sculpture.

More about Phase 3 coming soon.

Artway Past and Present

Phase 2

Phase 1

The Decatur Artway is presented by the Decatur Arts Alliance in partnership with the Decatur Tourism Bureau and the Decatur Downtown Development Authority.