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Felted wool, sheep locks, handmade cotton paper, pins, twine
11″ x 14″ x 2″

I created this book after experiencing a miscarriage, and, with it, gaining the understanding that women are too often not given the grace to outwardly mourn such a devastating loss. In this book text is printed onto handmade, cotton paper and caringly pinned onto each hand felted wool, blanket-like page. The narrative humbly describes the hopeful expectation of a new baby with the coming spring. As the tiny blanket pages turn, so does the text. Seemingly emotionless words describe a sudden miscarriage and the need for wool for the burial of the baby. The repeated text on each page “winter came early and stayed late” signifies the monotony of a long winter that pushes on unknowingly and without care. The few words demonstrate the quietness that surrounds miscarriage still today and a mother’s silent pain as she is left to mourn alone. Hand felted wool is the primary material in this book, referencing the Burial in Woollen Acts 1666 – 1680 of the Parliament of England.

– Erin K. Schmidt, Rochester Hills, MI

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