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Walking (Ink) Meditation, Part XVI: Portal is an accordion book consisting of a set of 4 etchings joined horizontally, with hand-coloring. The images invoke Neolithic sacred sites, including the communal tombs at Gavrinis and Avebury that combine standing stones with other structures, some stones incised with enigmatic lines and shapes, the purpose of which we can only speculate about, but seem to relate to the worship of the sun. At Avebury, the West Kennett Long Barrow is made up of multiple chambers and an entry court formed by massive stones and covered with a raised mound. The entrance is situated so that only at the Winter Solstice a shaft of sunlight reaches the farthest chamber, marking the turning of the year. The book invokes that moment of dawn shining through the forest into the tomb, but also ends with a trailing drawn line, signifying that we, so far removed in time, can never really know what purpose the structures served and what ceremonies occurred there.

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