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Under The Same Sky is an artist’s book about the stars and sky. The book emphasizes the feeling that people share the same sky under the same starry sky, transcending dimensions of time and space. The book is inspired by the giant comet of 1811, which was visible in the sky for 260 days that year. What a magnificent sight it must have been! Perhaps only people of that era can truly know. However, no matter where we are, when we are, or how far away, we share the same sky with millions of people when we look up at the starry sky. At that moment, everyone’s spiritual world transcends all boundaries, such as race, language, and gender, and connects through this sky.

Looking back at my works, they are a reflection of my emotions at a certain point in time. Although my life thus far has only been a little over 10,000 days, life is full of separation and attachment. My works may be the obsessions that cannot be expressed in words, containing myself and all the emotions that resonate with me, carrying the invisible burdens that I am not even aware of, eventually forming into shapes of books.

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