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This star accordion book is an artistic representation of the Australian wildfires of 2019 which were still burning during the book’s creation in 2020. It uses symbols and landmarks of Australia amongst flames to convey the severity of damage towards Australian wildlife and considers humanity’s impact on nature. The book opens only as a star shape which forces readers to view it from all angles. This represents how natural disasters force us to examine our actions from a different perspective. I found wildfires to be a powerful embodiment of the mystical properties of nature and its ability to give and take away. My poem reads:

Our planet is demanding respect in a catastrophic way.
Backlashing against our continuous injustices against her, showing no mercy.
She’ll go on with or without us.
We are mere visitors to this time, this place.
This devastation, a trial by fire.

Details include hand-cut silhouettes, screen printed covers, and hand-transferred laser printed text. Ed. 1 of 3

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