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Book arts, screen print
9″ x 6″ x 0.25″

To Grow is a pamphlet stitch bound book with screen printed images. To Grow is inspired by creation stories, drawing on themes of eternal, self-feeding cycles. Here I chose to center women as the main characters of our story, in which they practice communal activities to forward the cycle of growth. This book is an exploration of women building, growing, and nurturing one another to further themselves and their community. The imagery in my artwork is largely inspired by mythology, folklore, traditional stories, and the female role within them. My artwork draws on the atmosphere created when women come together as a community, be it physically or metaphorically. I seek to explore the unspoken feeling, like an elemental force of nature, that connects women to one another. Myth and story are the vessel through which I communicate these ideas.

– Ashley DeVan, Powder Springs, GA

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