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Asian paper, steel, waxed linen thread, ink
29″ x 12″ x 13″

The Tears of 94 Mothers was created in response to the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. In 2015, an average of 94 people were shot every day in this country. (Sadly, in 2022, that number has increased to 122 deaths per day.) As a nation, the U.S. boasts the highest rate of gun ownership per capita. Ironically, the U.S. also suffers from the highest homicide rate among high-income countries. This piece expresses my sorrow over the unnecessary injuries and deaths inflicted by guns and how gun violence has ruined so many lives. This sculptural book of 94 pages was created from sheets of delicate paper that have been dyed with ink to resemble the flow of tears. The paper was then bound on hard steel rods. It is suspended over the casings of 94 bullets.

– Pam Fortner, Arvada, CO

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