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Print media and collage on paper on wood shelving
58 Inches x 75 Inches x 4 Inches

The Book of Eternal Returns is an unbound, ongoing collection of handprinted images that arise from a set of questions that have preoccupied me for as long as I can remember. Among them: What is the relationship between the marks we leave on the world and the marks the world leaves on us? How do we acknowledge and honor those marks as atomistic images that float and reverberate through time and being?

Importantly (in terms of these marks), the book includes a number of visual and textual attributions: On Kawara, Felix Gonzalez Torres, Cy Twombly, Jack Whitten, Nick Ut, Marie Howe, Han Jost Frey, William Kentridge, Annie Dillard, and Wallace Stegner (so far). The images range from hand drawn to photographic, diagrammatic to poetic. I suspect The Book will always remain incomplete, fragmentary — a rolling record of ruminations. Currently, there are over 60 individual pages typically conceived and displayed as spreads, mounted to bookboard.

– Lisa Bulawsky, St. Louis, MO

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