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Papers, pigments, book board & cloth, ribbon, threads, pva
12.75″ x 28.25″ x 28.25″

A sculptural celebration of Emily Bronte’s wonderful land, sea, and star-scapes. The smaller poem, “And first an hour…,” corresponds quite closely with the stanzas of Stars. Both poems follow a similar visual and philosophical thread, but while Stars faithfully yearns for the night sky, “And first an hour…” ends in honoring our the sun. There was a logical progression of light in the verse. The poem begins with a glaring sunrise, then retreats to the memory of a preferred starry night. Next the sun begins to rise again, ascending enough to light the hills, before retreating once more to stars. Finally ending in a bright bedroom, and a sunrise that won’t be denied. These seven changes of light and scenes are reflected in the seven pointed star of the book and poem circle. Stars are stitched in the skyline and outer box edges, enveloping the imagery in stars. The number of stars in the different sections corresponds with how strongly the sun is fighting for space in each scene.

– Joelle Webber, WESTPORT ISLAND, ME


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