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Shmita is the year of rest in the seven-year agricultural cycle of Jewish life. It is a time for the land to recover. The word Shmita is spelled from right to left in the large letters while the smaller words represent the spiritual aspects of this observance. Shechina means the feminine, nurturing attribute of God, Moed means holiday both for the land and the people, Yachad means together as in our relationship with God, Tov means good as in borrowing the land benefits humans. Adonai means God, symbolically, Heh (the large letter) signifies Creation. As the feminine attribute of God began this cycle, the masculine name of God ends this cycle. The Israeli landscape shifts from the fertile agricultural north of Israel to the desert region of the Negev in the south. It starts in spring with the lush fruitful landscape, slowly moving into fall and winter rains, only to begin the cycle with spring again. The techniques I used include letterpress, mokuhanga and standard woodblock print.

Photos by Jack Craig

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