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"Scriptum I" by Rima Day
"Scriptum I" by Rima Day
"Scriptum I" by Rima Day
"Scriptum I" by Rima Day
"Scriptum I" by Rima Day"Scriptum I" by Rima Day"Scriptum I" by Rima Day

Organza, thread, paper, wire
6.5″ x 10.25″ x 0.5″

The similarity between nature and the human body fascinates me. I make thread matrixes that resemble blood vessels, root systems, and tree vines. What these shapes have in common is that they split into thinner appendages to both absorb and distribute nourishment. I often wonder if love is similar to this.

The needle for me is like the writer’s pen. I express myself with thread on organza. Organza allows me to reveal the thread system more clearly on the top layer and more obscurely on bottom layers. I hope to stimulate the imagination of the person viewing my art by hiding some parts under the layers of organza and, at the same time, create depth both visually and symbolically. This is a metaphor. There is often much more under the surface than what is easily visible.

Thread to me has always been the element which connects the individual parts. It symbolizes connections. Perhaps, the hanging threads in my work are my attempt to establish a connection with the world.

Rima Day, Thompsons Station, Tennessee

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