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Clamshell box with break-away false floor, portfolio and box
8″ x 6″ x 2″

This is an edited, transformed, recontextualized, and humorous slice of photographic history. This work was produced in a moment of elongated reflection during the height of the pandemic. Four artists, comprising the Rolls & Tubes Collective, examined the events unfolding around them and, through a collaborative effort, made images in response. Every one of these images pulls from the history of photography, utilizing the classical canon along with pieces that were perhaps overlooked by historians. In response to the ongoing pandemic shortages, the Collective members individually selected photographs to restage with toilet paper as the main foil in each composition. The new pieces reveal another history, one that originates within each Collective member’s personal experience with the history of photography. The book takes the form of flashcards, inviting the viewer to test themselves, while hopefully laughing.

This deluxe edition (numbered 1 through 15) is housed in a clamshell box designed and fabricated by Colleen Mullins that includes a special copy of the standard edition and a portfolio containing four signed and numbered prints, one by each artist in the Rolls and Tubes Collective. The Rolls and Tubes Collective has four members; Christy McDonald, Colleen Mullins, Jenny Sampson, and Nicole White.

– Colleen Mullins, San Francisco, CA

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