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"PRESSING ON No. 98" by Carole Kunstadt
"PRESSING ON No. 98" by Carole Kunstadt
"PRESSING ON No. 98" by Carole Kunstadt
"PRESSING ON No. 98" by Carole Kunstadt"PRESSING ON No. 98" by Carole Kunstadt

ntique sad iron, scorched linen thread and paper: pages by Hannah More dated 1791
5” x 4” x 2.25”

PRESSING ON takes material and intellectual inspiration from Hannah More’s An Estimate of the Religion of the Fashionable World: By One of the Laity, London, 1791. Published anonymously, it was one of the most widely read books of the day. Hannah More (1745 – 1833) was an abolitionist, social reformer, philanthropist, writer, and feminist. Her writings strongly influenced the public mind and social character of her day. More’s life-long cause was galvanizing women to act not as domestic ornaments, but as thinking, engaged, and responsible beings.

More helped give the abolition movement a public voice with her writings. Publishing and collaborating with William Wilberforce, an outspoken member of Parliament, she remained active in the anti-slavery movement her entire life. Dying in September of 1833, she lived just long enough to see slavery abolished in the British Empire. More’s convictions were moral, social, and political, inspiring us to raise one’s voice to injustice.

Photography credit: Robert Hansen-Sturm

Carole Kunstadt, West Hurley, New York

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