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by Paul Atkinson
Archival Photographic Print - Near-Infrared Digital Capture
20 x 17 x 0 in

Artist Statement

It is said that the camera cannot lie; while I know this is not entirely truthful, I have found this notion to be instrumental in breathing life into a landscape that may fully exist only in my imagination. While I may point the camera at reality, what I gather is merely a reflection of that reality; and like any reflection, it is easily distorted, easily corrupted. What is real? When an image is created in near-infrared light, that question is not so easily answered. And by allowing the camera to see only a sliver of the adjacent visible color spectrum, and combining and rebalancing it with the near-infrared light, I am freed to explore a new tonality that opens up in the world around me. It is through the use of this spectrum that includes near-infrared light, that I endeavor to craft a reality that my intellect may say cannot be, but that I believe could be, if we could only see it.

FOR PURCHASE INFORMATION, contact the Decatur Arts Alliance at 404-371-9583 or [email protected]. Download the price list here.

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