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Owed to The Mountain is a sculptural artist book that unfolds to reveal a paper replica of Mt. Hood. Each directional mountain view is illustrated in a different printmaking technique and storytelling by Elders from the Confederated Tribes at Warm Springs grows the relationship. Beneath the mountain rests a book that weaves multiple Native voices that share the value of reciprocity and cooperation. Interspersed by story are etchings of animals in various ecosystems documenting the changing seasons. Intended outcomes are to cultivate knowing a place deeply; share indigenous wisdom; build community; and turn our love for the mountain into action where we demand a new management plan from the Mt Hood National Forest Service that prioritizes climate resilience and puts an end to industrial timber production. As Robin Kimmerer states – “Stories are both history and prophecy – time is circular – stories are among our most potent tools for restoring the land and our relationship to her.”

Photos by Aaron Wessling

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