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Book art
12″ x 9″ x .75″

As a Korean-American born in Brooklyn but raised in South Korea and both west and east coasts of America, I live between two cultures, feeling forever outsider in either place. Feeling displaced and never feeling grounded anywhere, I seek to find my own roots. I look for unity between the human body and nature, merging qualities of both plants and humans. The body becomes an extension of nature and nature becomes an extension of the body. Lately I’ve been drawn to the cactus, admiring its ability to thrive in intense conditions, as I have survived the pandemic as a single mother. It has a hard protective exterior but inside, it has a unique ability to store water. Native American cultures believe that the cactus represents warmth, protection, and motherly love. This accordion flag book transforms the cacti into marching feet. They remind me to stay strong, endure and remember that the essence of my strength and beauty is within.

– Andre Bassuet, North Kingstown, RI

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