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Polychromed papercut stencils, registered and offset
12″ x 72″ x 1″

Stars Rise and Fall. Night Follows Day. All Creatures Stand Witness, While Mother Nature Holds Her Breath Mother Nature Holds Her Breath, an accordion book measuring 7’ when fully extended, displays diametrically opposed environmental visions. By offset printing and registering polychromed paper stencils to create a unique recto-verso bookwork, lush flora and fauna on one side is on full display. Ominously, that fecundity is overwhelmed on the opposing side by the environmental wasteland that industrialization with its exploitation of the environment has created. From spewing smokestacks to clear-cut forests the devastating impact on the environment is the focus this work addresses. And yet, Mother Earth, while waiting to see when we will act to heal her wounds, continues to provide us with her bounty.

– Mj Viano Crowe, Belfast, ME


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