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Hinc Ad Horam, a book of metamorphoses, brings the world of plants and the world of humans together and speaks of the fleeting beauty of life.
I used inks and dyes I made of plants in my native Brittany. The paper is made in Korea by master Samsik Kim from the bark of mulberry trees. I wrote Ovid’s stories of metamorphoses with yellow ink on very fine hanji, then made paper thread from it (shifu) and wove it into small squares using a tiny loom. I transformed some dyed hanji into flower tessellations. All are nested in the Zhen Xian Bao structure. Pieces of eco-dyed silk are backed with hanji and form the larger box as well as the folded structure.
Thanassis Hatzopoulos’ poem Repetition is a Rule of Life narrates the cyclical transformations of life and is itself repeated through its French and English translations. It becomes an echo to the stories of Ovid, and inspired the title, Hinc Ad Horam, celebrating our world in which plants and humans co-exist and correspond.

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