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Letterpress printed from oak and polymer
11″ x 3.25″ x 1″

Half Premonitions of the Moon is an instrument, modular score, and set of performance instructions housed in a custom-built enclosure. This project was a collaboration with Holland Hopson, a sound and media artist, composer, and improviser. The customizable score is assembled from a set of 36 cards. This allows individuals or groups to use chance operations to create a unique version of the piece for each performance. The instrument itself is a custom-designed, laser cut bullroarer played by swinging it in circles on the end of a string. Bullroarers are some of the oldest and most widespread instruments in human cultures. They can be found across the globe from Australasia to Africa and the Americas. They are often used to evoke natural phenomena, such as wind and rain during ritual events. This musical work favors patience, stasis, and quiet focus over drama, development, and sudden contrasts.

– Sarah Bryant, Tuscaloosa, AL

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