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Rice paper, ink, polyester rug hooking mesh, thread
28″ x 34″ x 10″

My work responds to social, political, and cultural issues as viewed through my personal lens. Treating books as a creative form is a natural expression for me because of my love of paper, words, ink, images and narrative.

The first book I made was in the mid-70s and it opened a world of possibilities, leading to a lifelong exploration of layered storytelling. The books can be traditional or experimental, from handheld bound books to large sculptural works. They juxtapose words, images, and form.

This sculptural book Greed is a response to Paul Manafort’s ostrich skin jacket as a reflection and expression of greed and outlandish consumption and the selfish attitude of not-in-my-back-yard. Poetry by Ginny Hoyle. The book is a part of the exhibition “Worn World.”

– Judy Anderson, Denver, CO

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