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Encaustic on Acrylic panel with paper
8.5″ x 5.5″ x .5″

Destroying forests, rising temperatures, bloody battles… The human species has created a myriad of methods to destroy our surroundings in the process rendering us extinct. Each book in the Encyclopedia of Extinction explores how our modern life impacts the earth using color, texture, surface, and the fragility of construction. Signatures, stitches, and marks are all chosen to symbolize death, rebirth, and greed. The books are intended as sculpture and each book rests on a hand-painted encaustic and wood base. The ice is melting fast and our world leaders sit on their hands unable or unwilling to make any meaningful change. Glacial Movement explores how the glaciers are disappearing from our lack of care. Blue, white, and green encaustic paintings marred with black oil paint form the covers. The interior pages are filled with marks from natural pigments flowing from white and pale blue to chaotic earth tones representing the rock, lichen, and moss that will take the place when the glaciers are gone.

– Sharon Gottula, Kenmore, WA

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