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Mixed media
8″ x 18″ x 2″

From the time I was a child I have collected objects of sentimental value to me. I found myself with multiple shoe boxes full of personal relics with memories or symbolic meaning attached to them. Through this collection of physical objects, I am able to revisit memories at will. Although it is impossible to precisely recreate a memory, using devices such as contextual prompts and objects, I am able to reflect on the past experience with vivid detail through imagination. With having these physical objects from times in my life, I am able to revisit those memories. Elbow to Elbow relates directly to this idea. The beautifully colored sea shells were once in the shoe box with many other objects that were important to me, but are now housed in a wood crafted reliquary where the memory is displayed for all to see. Each of the objects as well as the books represent a member of my family, and the memories that are connected to them. Through this idea I am able to revisit that memory

– Allie Wheeler, Manti, UT


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