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Rebecca Chamlee
At Low Water
The Young Manhood of Dave Chamlee by Rebecca Chamlee
The Young Manhood of Dave Chamlee
Rebecca Chamlee
Simi Valey, CA
The Young Manhood of Dave Chamlee by Rebecca Chamlee

Artist’s book
10.75″ x 8.75″ x 1.5″

During the long months of pandemic isolation, I began documenting the many birds that came to my backyard feeders and noted their unique behaviors. With a telephoto lens, I was able to record detailed and intimate images of my avian visitors. As often happens, the passion I felt for the birds grew into the idea for an artist’s book. Dreams of Flight, the nesting season is an interconnected story of three different species of birds that nested in my suburban yard during the spring nesting seasons of 2020–21. The book was created entirely at home. Printed in the colors of the birds on the Vandercook Universal III power press in the living room studio using Deepdene and 20th Century type with assorted wood type from the Pie in the Sky Press collection. The original images were captured through the window over the press with a Nikkor 200-500mm f5.6 lens mounted on a Nikon D850 camera and printed with photo polymer plates made by Boxcar Press.

– Rebecca Chamlee, Simi Valley, CA

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