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Laser cut and laser etched paper
10.12″ x 3.5″x 1.75″

Unanswerable questions lurk in my work. Can a 21st-century bookbinder transform thoughts and materials that emerged from the minds, hands, and machines of our ancestors into coherent artwork? How might the exactitude of digital tools and processes prompt people to appreciate the fragility of materiality and the strength of ideas? Most of my pieces pay homage to, or grapple with, an expression of truth. My skirmishes with media are a white flag, surrendering to the present. Even as people become more reliant on untrustworthy digital infrastructures that pretend to proffer truth, we remain mammals seeking facts. I ape E.D. ~ DeepAI honors Emily Dickinson’s fragments that survived to become a revered body of work. Experimentum marvels at the loftiness of a 17th-century European polymath’s mind whilst being grounded in Oakland’s quotidian. David’s Ankles — a collaboration with Insiya Dhatt — expresses a desire to balance the longing for perfection with the reality of imperfection.

– Bridget McGraw, Oakland, CA

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