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Case Study on Water, a sculptural artists’ book comprised of “collected” items, observes my relationship with water. Having a mother who has frequently visited fortunetellers, I was always told that I lack water in my energy and that’s why sometimes things are not working out in my life. I always thought that was a ridiculous idea but at a certain point I started to wonder, “is it?”

“As bizzare as it sounds, maybe this year has been good to me because I moved from an apartment in the middle of a city to another apartment in the middle of another city, but with a tiny view of Lake Michigan. maybe, that’s why I ordered one coffee machine but received two, ran into the manager of the job I wanted, and met someone new who I feel strongly connected to in three years. In this study, I will examine the potentially unforseen force of this ordinary matter and evaluate its control over my life (and maybe even that of others).”, excerpt from Case Study on Water

Photos by Angelica Ong

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