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ecycled book pages, 3D printed brass, PLA and wire
9.75” x 6” x 6”

The symbolic number 9 in my artist book represents the enigmatic term of witches and geometry. The base of my artist book is a 3D-printed brass vessel, similar to a metal cauldron that will age over time. The 9 geometric columns represent the mysteries of the number 9 and the book pages are from the Larousse World Mythology book published in 1971.

The book pages are from a book that writes about mythology from all over the world. Inside the vessel is an Emily Dickinson poem about the surreptitiousness of geometry and how what may seem like ordinary acts are magical deeds that express the love of the world.

The 9 geometric columns symbolically hold the pages and knowledge of the world.

My work has been published in 500 Handmade Books, Hand Papermaking, American Artist, 23 Sandy and featured on various websites. My work is in public and private collections: such as college and university libraries, private companies, and individuals’.

Dawn Peterson, Tybee Island, Georgia

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