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Are you having a good time in Decatur and wish they were here – only you can’t find a postcard of Decatur to send?

We thought it would be fun to create a set of postcards that represent the many aspects of Decatur. So, all you local artists, both self-taught and pro – if you have an image of Decatur that you would like to see mailed across the country and around the world – send us your work. A jury will select several pieces to represent Decatur in a set of classic 6 x 4 tourist cards, to be stamp-ready in May 2011.

Think retro (Greetings from Decatur, Georgia!) or abstract and modern – we want a range of artistic views in a variety of media.

Submissions are welcome from all ages, preferably current (or past) residents of Decatur. Detailed instructions for artwork submission can be found in these documents:

Guidelines for the Decatur Postcard Project (.doc)
Artist Release Form (.doc)
Model Release Form (.doc)
Model Release Form for Minors (.doc)

Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2011

Send submissions to: Decatur Arts Alliance, P.O. Box 401, Decatur, GA 30031

The Decatur Postcards Project is sponsored by the Decatur Arts Alliance, the Decatur Downtown Development Authority, and the Decatur Tourism Bureau and is spearheaded by Moira Bucciarelli. For more information email [email protected].

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