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Friday, May 10  |  9 pm
Color Wheel Studio | 508 E. Howard Ave.

Celebrate the arts and the start of summer at the Decatur Lantern Parade. Gather at Color Wheel Studio after 8 pm, then parade to the downtown square along with the Black Sheep Marching Ensemble.

Make your own lantern at home or attend a lantern-making workshop where supplies and guidance are provided. Start dreaming up your lantern now! Sign up for all sorts of lantern making workshops – lantern hats, illuminated parasols, globe lanterns, and more – hosted by Chantelle Rytter at Color Wheel Studio in the two weeks preceding the parade.

For more information and lantern making resources visit

Sponsored by the Decatur Arts Alliance, Color Wheel Studio, Decatur Education Foundation, and the Downtown Development Authority.

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