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Book as Art: Wonders
August 9–September 27 | open during library hours
The Periodicals Gallery of the Decatur Library
215 Sycamore St., Decatur, Ga.

Call for Entries! 

April 8 through May 30 submit your beautifully made volumes, sculptural and conceptual works, and one-of-a-kind approaches to the book format. Wall-hung interpretations are welcome.

To submit your entry, CLICK HERE.

opening reception

Friday, Aug. 23 | 7–9 pm

A book begins as a small mass of material, formed and pressed into life by ideas, words, and machines. A concept becomes thought, becomes word, becomes book, becomes sculpture. From the tactile complexity of handmade paper, to the alteration of existing volumes, to a variety of other materials and concepts, these objects, in an increasingly digital world, stubbornly survive. The objects in this exhibition will interpret the concept of the book and invite the viewer to look beyond the printed page to where word has become form.

The Book as Art v. 7.0: Wonders’ location at the Decatur Branch of the DeKalb County Public Library is just off the Decatur Square, ideally accessible to the more than 85,000 attendees at the Festival as well as to visitors throughout the run of the show.

book festival extended hours

Saturday, August 31 | 9 am-6 pm
Sunday, Sept. 1 | Noon-5 pm

white glove nights

Dates and times to be announced

We’re putting away the “do not touch” signs. Volunteers will provide participants with white gloves allowing firsthand exploration of the books in the exhibition.

bookmaking for kids

Dates and times to be announced

Children ages 6-12 can come learn about art and bookmaking through a hands-on craft program.

2018 exhibition

See photos of last year’s collection and view artists’ statements below.


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