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About the Exhibition

The Book as Art V. 10: Transformation
Show Run: September 8–October 31, 2022 • Decatur, Georgia

The Decatur Arts Alliance presents the tenth edition of the juried exhibition of The Book as Art, which will be installed at the Decatur Branch of the DeKalb County Public Library, home to the Georgia Center for the Book. The Book as Art series seeks to showcase beautifully made volumes, sculptural and conceptual interpretations, and one-of-a-kind approaches to the book format. We also encourage artists to submit wall-hung interpretations.

An opening reception for the exhibition is tentatively scheduled for September 9, 2022.

Entries will be accepted April 25–June 12, 2022 through (CaFÉ).

Project Summary

The Book As Art: Transformation is the tenth edition of an art show celebrating books: objects that, in an increasingly digital world, stubbornly survive. 

Held in the hand, a book can be a source of stability in unsettled times. Tactile and olfactory, the black and white pages conjure emotions and images that endure longer than flickering light on small screens. From tablet to folio, papyrus to scroll, song to psalm—all are created as a concept that becomes thought, becomes word, becomes book, becomes sculpture.

With Transformation, we are engaging artists to look inward and outward. To see growth and loss, and to walk the line between comfort and confrontation. How is the world, society, nature,  and even humanity transformed by reading, literature, and art? What is the impetus that causes the transformation, and what emerges on the other side?

The objects in this exhibition will interpret the concept of the book and invite the viewer to look beyond the printed page to where ideas, words, and symbols are transformed and are transfigured. It is in the hands of these artists, these wordsmiths, that the simple becomes the sublime.

Site Description

The Book as Art will exhibit at the Decatur Branch of the Dekalb County Public Library, located at 215 Sycamore Street.  The exhibition will run from September 8 – October 31, 2022.

Design Criteria

Artists are invited to enter original, limited edition original, or altered books. Participating items will be selected from submitted entries by a panel of three jurors on the basis of creative excellence and quality of execution. All submissions must be the work of the entering artist. Collaborative projects are eligible, with the names of all participating artists included in the statement or description of the work.


Call for Entries:  April 25 – June 12, 2022
Jury Review:  June 20 – July 8, 2022
Notification to Artists:  Week of July 11, 2022
Receipt/Delivery of Artwork:  July 25 – Aug. 26, 2022
Installation and Awarding of Prizes:  Aug. 27 – Sept. 7, 2022
Duration of Exhibition:  Sept. 8 – Oct. 31, 2022
Opening Reception (Tentative):  Sept. 9, 2022

How to Apply 

Artists are invited to submit an application through (CaFÉ).  There is an application fee of $30, with which artists may submit up to 3 pieces for consideration.  Each work requires its own application, but a coupon code is supplied in the initial application for up to 2 additional applications.  For each application, artists are required to include 1-5 images of the submitted artwork and/or may include 1 video.  The deadline for submission is 11:59pm MST on June 12, 2022.

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