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pb&j gallery present William Etheridge and David Zecca. William’s recent work is an effort to examine the complexities of abstract art. With each new painting he tries to explore the layers of imagination in order to release the image within. He states, “When at last the image is realized, each painting has a history and meaning all its own.”

David Zecca prefers to work with the paint rather than control it. His abstract works were born out of a frustration from being a portrait artist and having to duplicate an image on a canvas. He allows the paint to almost run and dance across the canvas and to work with him rather than be forced into a position by him. It is with great pride that he calls his paintings “his children” and he is happy to discuss them, share them and release them to a home that will love and cherish them as much as he does.

Wine will be served. Free admission. Free parking.

Exhibition will hang until April 2. Contact Bob Burkhardt or Jack Simonetta, 35 Howard St. SE, Atlanta, GA
404 606 1856
[email protected]

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