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Upcoming Events

What’s Popping on Decatur Sidewalks on Saturdays in April, May and June?

This April, May and June, the City of Decatur sponsors a street-side celebration of the arts in downtown Decatur and Oakhurst’s Harmony Park. This pop-up art program features a juried mix of artists, singers, musicians, dancers and performers who will entertain and delight all who happen by. Performances take place on Saturday afternoons from 3 to 6 pm, beginning April 6 and continuing until mid-June. Don’t miss a single Saturday because you never know what will be happening – or where!

The April lineup includes:
  • Amy Andrews: folk musician, singer-songwriter
  • Awalim Dance Company: upbeat and earthy traditional Middle Eastern and belly dancing
  • Bo Gaiason: classical guitarist
  • Capoiera: a multi-talented group who perform Brazilian martial arts and acrobatics
  • Elizabeth Dulemba: a noted children’s book illustrator, Elizabeth will turn her talents to sidewalk chalk art. She will mix serious illustration with interactive illustration where kids can pose in the art for fun pictures.
  • Gateway Performance Productions: dance and classic mime artists who will perform a variety of genres and a variety of characters
  • Janice Dunckel: artist and illustrator who plans to create a community art project with input from those who stroll by
  • Kris Youmans Band: performs original songs and a variety of popular covers of bluegrass, alternative country and some blues.
  • Larkin Taylor-Parker: plays an incredible variety of songs on her tuba
  • Lew Lefton and Joel Byers: will assemble an entourage of local comedic talent
  • Luis Stefanell: a congo drummer and singer whose repertoire includes patterns in cha-cha mambo, samba and afro-cuban funk
  • Morgan Rowe: singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist
  • Os Ossos: Brazilian jazz group including ukulele, trombone, flute and percussion
  • Rachel Simpson: sings and plays the ukulele
  • Sehwe Village Percussion: the large, energetic group will gather to celebrate its love of West African rhythms and songs. They thrive on inviting those who are interested in learning, playing, and singing to jump in and play along.
  • Sidney Cox: Decatur’s own sidewalk trumpet guy
  • Troy Cono: singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist
  • Valero Flamenco: a trio of dancers who excel at the traditional art of flamenco

Artists interested in participating should contact to schedule an audition. Artists are paid an hourly stipend.

Decatur Arts Festival

This popular regional arts event celebrates its 25th year April 23-June 2. It kicks off with Artrospective: 25 years of the Decatur Arts Festival, opening April 23, followed by the Poster Unveiling on May 2. Mark your calendars for the anticipated Artist Market on Memorial Day weekend, May 25-26 and find out more about these and many more events at

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